St. Mary’s Boys’ School, a Catholic day & boarding boys school, is committed to offering an affordable, quality education to all by instilling a character-building work-ethic that produces a young man who is an excellent role-model.  Check out their website here. 


It was interesting and a bit odd to see the structure among the chaos and to realize that this is the routine that happens every day.


I meet a new boy or a learn a new word in Swahili or Kikuyu, and I smile. As we grow and live in this community, as we bustle around from 5am to 10 pm, I continually feel comfort in the hope of a human community and in the living example I get to be a part of here in the beautiful country of Kenya.  


Who would have thought an hour conversation would change your perspective on life, on others, on yourself. It was truly an honor to have that opportunity to speak with them. This is one of those special moments in life they you will always look back to in order to bring back pure joy, inspiration, and the memories you will never forget. Kevin along with the other boys I have spoken to have truly brought out my faith, the faith in the boys who have been through situations that are unbearable to believe happened, the faith in the Brothers that are providing education, community, encouragement to the boys, faith in myself that I can have an impact, the faith that the boys gave me, faith that we are all one, we are all human.


Friendships and relationships are never forced–his calm demeanor makes everything come so naturally.  His job never ends for he is constantly working to make a better environment for all of these boys.  As a Lasallian, Francis embodies all five core principles, something that I hope to achieve one day.  While I know I will miss his company once we return to the states, I know that this man will forever remain in our hearts and minds, now knowing what a true and compassionate human being in this world looks like.


As we wrap up with our final week there’s definitely this looming realization that the end of something is very near, the boys, the brothers, our group we are all starting to value our moments here a little more. I’m storing up on pictures, sounds, smells, and memories both physically and mentally. I so badly want to take back with me more than photos and names and faces but living experiences that can be brought to life here. So much of my time here has been simply living in the company of Kenyan society and now that we come nearer to our American society I find myself seeking more ways to connect the two.



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