Dominican Republic

Kids Alive International is a Christian faith mission dedicated to rescuing orphans and vulnerable children – meeting their spiritual, physical, educational and emotional needs.

Fred O’Brien has to be the most inspirational person that I have met in the Dominican Republic because he started his own baseball clinic. His clinic is nothing like the common clinic in the Dominican. He wants children to strive way from drugs and he forces them to stay in school if the children want to stay in his clinic. The most inspirational part about his clinic is that they have religious sermon every day before practice for 20-30 minutes. So, not only are the children in safer place but they get introduced to God and the grace that he brings. Seeing the children light up when they heard the sermons was really touching and it shows that God is speaking to these 150 kids through Fred.


 During these four weeks in the DR, I definitely learned a lot about myself and about others. Traveling in a group of ten people was definitely a challenge. I really enjoyed this experience because I grew up and matured from it. Being around the same people 24/7 is really hard for me because I felt like i needed to please eveyone, including myself, all the time. Though, I think it is a good quality to have since I learned how to live in a community and how to be selfless.
The Dominican Republic was such a life changing experience and taking LSI 1 for JanTerm was the best thing that happened to me so far this school year

-Marie Lou


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