Each week, LSIers were asked to respond to a prompt to reflect on their week’s experience. Different students from different sites reflected on their weekly adventures. Click the following links to read

“Those who teach the young are working with Jesus to save souls.”

Week One Reflections

You’ve just begun and the adventure is just beginning, so please reply with a response to the following… What are your first impressions? You can reflect on your first impressions of your service site, the neighborhood, the community… the place where you are. Also, you might want to reflect on: How does this differ from any expectations you had going in? 

Week Two Reflections

Now that you are in the swing of things… Take us through your day. What does your typical day look like? What have you enjoyed? What’s been challenging? What is stretching your comfort zone?

Week Three Reflections

In Modern Spiritual Masters, you are reading (or – LSI II students… last year you read) the teachings of those who have dedicated their lives to serving others… Modern day “saints” and role models. And in your daily LSI experience, no doubt, you are meeting and getting to work with other saints, role models, and inspirational people of all sorts. Reflect on one person you have met through your LSI experience – a supervisor, teacher, student, client, child, Brother, community member, etc. – and write about how they have impacted you and/or have inspired you in some way.

Week Four Reflections

As you wrap up your LSI month, what do you hope to take away from the experience? What have you learned? About yourself? About others?